The races so far …

So here’s what I’ve already signed up for …

31st January, the London Winter Run 10km FINISHED!

28th February, the Manchester Winter Run 5km

20th March, the Sport Relief 10k, Richmond North Yorkshire

17th April, City of Lincoln 10k

14th May Gung Ho, Leeds 5k obstacle race

4th June, Cancer Research Pretty Muddy 5k, Leeds

10th July Jane Tomlinson Leeds 10k

7th August Jane Tomlinson York 10k

16th October, Manchester Half Marathon 21k (ish)


I’d also like to do some colour runs and some other races so all suggestions welcome!

It’s been tough …

Wow! What a month

When I wrote my first post back in December I had fully expected to be able to blog regularly, train regularly and be generally inspiring … but then life gets in the way sometimes


Just before Christmas I came down with a fluey / chesty / cold thing and all my good intentions of training fairly intensively went out of the window.


I struggled to keep up the motivation to do this challenge and then … I got an email from the cats protection which completely re-energised and reminded me of my challenge and quest.

They have been absolutely brilliant, offering to send me a branded running vest, to give me a guest spot on their blog, providing approximate costs for homing and rehoming cats amongst many other things.


So – just after the New Year I joined Slimming World again and, with the help of my colleagues and friends I got myself into my running gear and out into the cold.  Running round the Olympic Village in Stratford with a lingering chesty cough wasn’t easy but it was an incredible achievement.  From there on in I was unstoppable.

I ran 3 times that week, I lost 10.5 pounds in weight over 2 weeks and I also went for some long walks and swims to relax my muscles in readiness for the first competitive run of the year.


And then it came. 31st January 2016 my first 10k of the year.  I was nervous, it was cold, rainy and it being the tail-end of storm Gertrude and the beginning of storm Henry I was expecting a few gales.

It was really hard – but I did it – I beat my personal best time by at least 2 minutes (as it was nearly half a kilometre longer than 10k!) and got a super duper medal to show for it.


I now need to get myself organised and set up my year-long just-giving page for the cats protection as well as booking in for some more races!